Canvas Prints

We print on the highest quality canvas. When a digital file is received for printing, one of our experienced operators will open the file and apply a number of criteria in order to optimise the canvas print.

During optimization, the operator will check a number of areas, including:
  • That the size of the digital file supplied is suitable for the canvas size required
  • That the shape of the canvas required & the shape of the digital file is suitable & appropriate
  • Whether the colours in the digital file can be improved.
  • Whether the density (relativity of lightness & darkness) can be improved .
Once printed, the canvas receives a matte clear coat sealer which “locks” in the colour so that the colours do not fade away over time.

When that is dry, the canvas is stretched over 3cm deep wooden stretcher bars.

Customers can select from a white bordered canvas print and a wrapped around print.

You can now order canvas online!
Click here to get started.

Note: All processed work is retained for a maximum of 90 days.

Please download our price list below

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